Sleek and professional photo business card templates for the modern man

In today’s fast-paced professional world, the value of a well-designed business card can’t be overstated. Our collection of photo business card templates embodies a modern and professional look, with a hint of masculine design. They are clean, minimal, and customizable, providing a straightforward and refined way to present your professional details. Perfect for those who favor a sleek approach to networking, these templates ensure that your first impression is sharp and enduring. Whether you’re at a casual meet-up or a formal business event, these cards are designed to be as versatile and adaptable as the professionals who use them.

This business card template has a contemporary and professional design with a two-sided layout and a minimalist and somewhat masculine design. The front side has a customizable photo paired with space for your name and title in a bold and clean dark blue font against a white background. On the back, the card continues its clean theme with a deep navy hue that sharply contrasts the white text, presenting essential contact details and a scannable QR code. The overall layout is intentionally straightforward, free from excess embellishment, emphasizing a direct and refined approach to professional introductions.

This business card template features a simple design that showcases both personal branding and essential contact information with contemporary flair. On the front, to the left, is a customizable photo and to the right your logo with name and professional title or business name just below. On the back of the card is your contact details, for example including an address, website, email, and a call-to-action for social media engagement, all laid out in a crisp, modern font.

The front side of this card features your personal portrait and your logo over a black or custom color band. On the back, set against a classic black background, the card details your name in a bold and prominent white font, followed by title or company name. Below is a template field for your contact information, including for example a phone number, address, email, and a custom website URL. At the bottom is a customizable QR code. This design embodies a clean, modern aesthetic that’s both eye-catching and functional, perfect for the contemporary professional looking to make a memorable connection.